We Keep
Kids with Cancer
Connected to Life!

Tablet and laptop computers can provide hours of entertainment with games, music, movies, and more. These devices can also provide a modern day way to communicate with friends and family over social media or video chat.

Besides all the fun they get... The kids can keep up on their school work so they can graduate with their classmates!

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What PeppedUp! Does

  • We provide Tablets PCs, Laptop Computers, MP3 players, e-Readers, and other portable devices to children in hospitals and clinics.
  • We provide gift cards to well known online retailers for children to purchase books, games, and music for devices they already own.
  • We equip treatment and examination rooms with entertainment for children to enjoy cartoons or games while waiting or being treated.
  • We equip entertainment and play rooms at local hospitals with the latest video games.
  • We raise awareness of childhood cancer and bring smiles to the kids!

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Why We Started PeppedUp!

PeppedUp! was founded by Ron Haberle. When Ron was 20, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and under went treatment for the disease. While being treated, he saw many people of all ages who were fighting the same battle he was fighting. Some of those people being children who were dealing with tougher forms of cancer than he was, but still they carried that childhood spark of light in their eyes. Seeing the day-to-day drama that the disease brings made him realize how valuable the time you have here is and how valuable that time is for friends and family as well.

Helping children who battle cancer has been a dream of Ron's since he went into remission several years ago. In 2011, Ron came up with PeppedUp!, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the things he enjoys (games, movies, music, books) to the brave children who battle the disease he was fortunate enough to survive.

How PeppedUp! Does It

PeppedUp.org relies heavily on the generous support of public donations to maintain our programs. Our average budget is somewhere between $300 and $500 per child. Through our donation page, we can accept both cash and in-kind donations to help support our programs. A monthly donation of $10 or an in-kind donation of old cell phones or video games can bring joy and excitement to our brave friends. Clean out the garage or your closet, tell your office's IT department, and help us pep up kids with cancer!

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Keep Kids with Cancer
Connected To Life

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